Bank Limit

This withdrawal rejected due the bank you bound already limit. you can contact the bank and wait for the limit resetting for you can do withdrawal, or submit changing bank data on the self-service customer service center to change new bank!

Q: Why my withdraw rejected with remark bank limit?

A: This rejection is due to the bank you are using for withdrawal already reach limit to receive the money, and also you need to know on TPPLAY for withdrawal can be apply 3 times per day, once the withdrawal already reach the quota you can do withdrawal again when it already reset for reset time on 00:00 am

Q: How to check the remark of my withdraw?

A: To check the remark of your withdrawal can be check with follow this guide
1.Login to your TPPLAY Account
2.Press Wallet menu
3.Press Withdrawal History
4.Check the withdrawal remark you encounter

Bank Limit

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