Fail Become Agent

Withdrawal rejected due account failed become agent, please contact your superior agent, to contact your superior agent, can be check on promotion menu then press agent line customer service
Q: Why my withdraw rejected with remark fail become agent?
A: This rejection is due to your TPPLAY account is failed become agent and you need to contact our TPPLAY agent immediately.

You can contact our official Agent by following the step below :
1. Go to PROMOTION menu
2. Click Agent Line Customer Service
3. Click the Telegram button

Fail Become Agent

Q: How to check the remark of my withdraw?

A: To check the remark of your withdrawal can be check with follow this guide
1.Login to your TPPLAY Account
2.Press Wallet menu
3.Press Withdrawal History
4.Check the withdrawal remark you encounter

How to check the remark of my withdraw?

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