IFSC Code Incorrect

Due to the IFSC incorrect on bank account you bound. please submit the correct IFSC code bank on self-service customer service center https://tpplayservice.in/ for modification!

Q: Why my withdraw rejected with remark IFSC Code incorrect?

A: This rejection is due to incorrect IFSC code bank you bound on TPPLAY account for withdraw, for withdrawal we need you to bind all data correctly including the IFSC code, sometimes there are banks that have IFSC codes with the letter O and the number 0 which are similar so that you are confused with the IFSC you are going to use.

Q: How to check the remark of my withdraw?

A: To check the remark of your withdrawal can be check with follow this guide
1.Login to your TPPLAY Account
2.Press Wallet menu
3.Press Withdrawal History
4.Check the withdrawal remark you encounter

IFSC Code Incorrect

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