Maintenance Bank

Withdrawal rejected due bank you used is maintenance, we suggest to wait patiently till the bank online again and try to resubmit the withdrawal, or submit change bank account on the self-service customer service center for changing bank data

Q: Why my withdraw rejected with remark bank maintenance?
A: This rejection is due to the bank you are using undermaintenance for this problem we suggest you to wait patiently until the bank online again then you can try to resubmit withdrawal again.

Q: How long the bank will maintenance?
A: We apologize for the bank maintenance cannot be predicted is all depend with the bank theirself it can be fast or maybe late. Thank you!

Q: How to check the remark of my withdraw?
A: To check the remark of your withdrawal can be check with follow this guide
1.Login to your TPPLAY Account
2.Press Wallet menu
3.Press Withdrawal History
4.Check the withdrawal remark you encounter

Maintenance Bank

Q: Can i change my bank data if the bank still under maintenance?

A: We suggest you to no changing the bank data first and wait till the bank maintenance complete then try again resubmit the withdrawal, if after resubmit but withdrawal still get rejection because the bank under maintenance you can applying changing bank on customer service self-service, to do this, please click this link:  .then select the issue that says “Modify bank account number.” Fill out all the required fields and upload the required photo. Don’t forget to include a clear screenshot or photo to ensure that your account is changed. lastly click the submit issue button. Thank you

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