TPPLAY How To Deposit

Q: How much of a minimal deposit can I make?
A: Hello, we have a minimum limit of 100 rupees for a single deposit and a maximum limit of 50000 rupees for a single deposit. The minimum deposit by USDT is 10 USDT; deposits less than 10 USDT will not accept

TPPLAY provides UPI (Paytm PhonPe Gpay) bank USDT TRX multiple recharge methods UPI (Paytm PhonPe Gpay) recharge method

Click to recharge – select UPIAPP recharge type – select payment channel – enter the payment page (select your UPI account type and click to directly wake up your UPIAPP for direct payment) Reminder: Due to UPI personal risk control reasons, individual payments are made Your payment will fail through this channel. You can try another channel multiple times to pay! Also be sure not to save your UPI account and make repeated transfers (which will cause loss of funds). You must re-initiate an order and pay again according to the process every time you recharge!

TPPLAY USDT TRX multiple recharge methods

USDT/TRX recharge method

Click Recharge – Select USDT/TRX recharge type – Enter the USDT/TRX amount you want to recharge – Enter the payment page – Copy the address to your wallet to transfer and recharge (USDT/TRX recharge amount TPPLAY will be based on the day’s transactions The exchange rate is used to convert the Rupee amount to your gaming account)

USDT/TRX recharge method

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