TPPLAY providing bonus called WINSTREAK BONUS, To claim this reward, you only can play on WINGO and 5D game for a time period of 1,3,5,10 minutes, this bonus will be have turnover x 1 from the bonus amount receive for winstreak can be claim 3 times per day and must be claim on same day if you claim the day after will be expired, for this bonus you can claim it on self-service center TP PLAY using this link

NOTES: Winstreak bonus only can be applied 3x per day and only WINGO and 5D LOTTERY counted


Q : How can i check my winstreak?

A : You can check you having winstreak on the game by following this steps
1. Enter Win Go 1Min
2. Press My History and Detail
3. Check the first and last period of your winstreak betting
4. Then you can screenshot the page of your winstreak history starting from the first and the last winstreak that you are willing to claimed.

Q: How can i submit my winstreak bonus on Self-Service Center TPPLAY?

A: To apply the winstreak bonus please access to this link then follow this step:
1. Press the winstreak bonus
2. Fill your TPPLAY ID Account
3. Fill the first period you already copy

4. Press Submit
For the winstreak get process faster please check carefully the period number submitted must be correct and must the first period win

Q: How I Can know if my winstreak bonus already get process on Self-Service TPPLAY?

A: You can know your winstreak bonus get process on Event Center 91CLUB by following this step:
1. Access on Self-Service TPPLAY
2. Press Check Status
3. Fill TPPLAY ID Account
4. Press Search

How I Can know if my winstreak bonus already get process on Self-Service TPPLAY?

Q: I’m sorry after checking my winstreak is last win on 23:59pm and after that i’m late apply it, can i still can apply it on Self-Service Center?

A: We apologize but for the winstreak rules you must apply it on Self-Service Center and only valid on the same day if you apply after 23:59pm, already count as expired and cannot be claim anymore

Q: How many type rejection on winstreak in TPPLAY?

A: For rejection on TPPLAY we have 5 we will show it here and explain it to you:
1. “Incorrect period, either the period already expired or the first period winstreak fill incorrectly” this rejection mean your period input on event bonus TPPLAY, either is expired or the first period winstreak fill incorrectly then you must check it again carefully and resubmit.
2. “Bet amount less than 10 or not yet met minimum winstreak requirements”this rejection mean your winstreak betting amount is not reaching the minimum requirement or the streak win you get even not reach the minimum requirement, resubmit again after you reach the requirements.
3. “Period already success applied before”for this remark rejection mean the period winstreak already applied and for period can be use 1 time only if already claimed cannot be claim anymore.
4. “ID invalid , please submit with correct ID” Please check the ID account again before resubmitting as our system was unable to locate the winstreak that was the reason the application was refused.
5. “ Today you already claim, please come back tomorrow “ this mean for winstreak already reach the maximum to claim and you can comeback tomorrow to claim for new bonus, but remember for the periode you must get the new period on the same day and not on different day.

Q: How many type rejection on winstreak in TPPLAY?

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