It seems TPPLAY has a special incentive program that rewards agents who bring in and maintain active downlines. In business terms, a “downline” usually means the people an agent recruits or mentors. The Active Downline Bonus is a way for agents to earn extra money based on how active and successful their recruits are.

Here’s a simple breakdown of how this bonus program might work:

TP PLAY Active Downline Bonus

Downline Bonus

TPPLAY Active Downline Bonus

Agents can earn bonus rewards based on the number of active downlines they maintain:

Real-time Active DownlineReward

Terms and Conditions

  1. Both the Agent and Downline must bind a bank account.
  2. Your downlines must be genuine players. If they don’t play at all or exhibit suspicious behavior, the bonus will be reviewed or not awarded.
  3. Active downlines are those who have made deposits three times or more. You can contact your Upline to check your total active downlines and apply for the bonus if you meet the requirements.
  4. If the percentage of active members who have made deposits only three times exceeds 20% of your total downlines, TPPLAY will conduct a review without a time limit.
  5. The bonus can be withdrawn immediately; no turnover is required.
  6. Every member who joins under your referral code must not have the same details (IP address, email, phone number, or bank information) as other members.
  7. Looters and bonus hunters will be directly banned.
  8. TPPLAY reserves the right to cancel bonuses if there is any violation of the rules.

These terms ensure a fair bonus system while protecting against abuse or fraudulent behavior. Make sure to follow these guidelines to benefit from the TPPLAY Active Downline Bonus.

Agents can boost their earnings by maintaining a high number of active downlines on TPPLAY, earning substantial rewards in the process.

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