TPPLAY offers monthly gold rewards to its members, providing exciting prizes for their activity. Let’s explore the details of this rewarding program.

TPPLAY offers a massive reward of 50 lakh every month through its Monthly Gold Reward program. Agents have the chance to earn incredible prizes based on the number of new active downlines they bring in during a single month. The grand prize winner can take home a whopping 50 lakh, with a variety of other substantial prizes for runners-up.

Here’s the breakdown of the prize tiers:

TPPLAY Monthly Gold Rewards

Members can win gold rewards every month based on their activity:

PrizeNew Monthly Active Member Reward
Grand Prize₹50,00,000
1st Prize₹15,00,000
2nd Prize₹5,00,000
3rd Prize₹2,00,000
4th Prize₹1,00,000
5th Prize₹50,000
6th Prize₹30,000
7th Prize₹20,000
8th Prize₹10,000
9th Prize₹5,000

Terms and Conditions:

  1. BOTH Agent and Downline must BIND BANK ACCOUNT.
  2. Your downlines must be genuine players (if they don’t play at all or have suspicious behavior, the bonus will be reviewed or not awarded).
  3. Active downlines are downlines who have made deposits 3 times or more. You can contact your UPLINE to check your total active downline and claim the bonus.
  4. Calculation based on the number of new active downlines you can invite in 1 month. 5. If the percentage of ACTIVE DOWNLINES who make deposits only 3 times exceeds 20% of your total downline, then we will carry out a review without a time limit. 6. Rewards will added to your TPPLAY account, agent MUST withdraw and buy the GOLD. (If agent not buy the GOLD, Can not participate for the next anymore). 7. Every member that join under your referral code is not allowed to have SAME DETAILS (IP address, Email, Phone Number and Bank Information).
  5. All activities are intended for genuine members. If there is fraud in utilizing this activity, TPPLAY has the right to cancel the bonus or freeze the account.

Members can stand a chance to win lucrative gold prizes every month based on their activity and engagement with TPPLAY.

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