TPPLAY Gold Event

Tp-play Gold Event-Excellent Medium to Win from Weekly and Monthly Gold Event

TP-play online has always remained a popular website to try many lottery games. A few common reasons are that the website offers plenty of bonuses, organizes regular promotions, involves only Rs 100 as the minimum deposit, and fixed daily salary for the agents and active members.  

TPPLAY  Gold Event

However, a prime attraction of the Tp-play website is the Tp-play Gold Event, which allows players and agents to achieve massive earnings further. The gold event consists of Weekly Gold and Monthly Gold events, whose details you will get from our blog post.

Details of Tp-Play Gold Events

Weekly Gold Event

The Weekly Gold program organized by Tp-play online allows agents to win weekly rewards by recruiting new active downlines. Here, your winning prize solely depends on the number of people you recruit based on the criteria. The weekly rewards range between Rs 6,000 and Rs 20,000 for bringing 5 and 100 active members respectively. Each of your brought new downlines must make a minimum of three deposits to let you qualify for a reward under Weekly Gold Event.

Weekly Gold Event

Monthly Gold Event

Tp-play Online regularly organizes Monthly Gold Events for its active members and agents. Accordingly, a lucky agent or member may win the Grand Prize worth Rs 50 lakhs every month. Along with the Grand Prize, players may also win substantial prizes starting from Rs 5,000 to up to Rs 15 lakhs. Like the Weekly Event, the reward amount or the prize for the monthly event also depends on new active downlines brought by a single agent in one month.

Monthly Gold Event

Terms and Conditions to Win the Gold Event

Players and agents must fulfill the following conditions to participate regularly in the Weekly or Monthly Gold Event-

  1. Both downline members and agents must bind their bank accounts.
  2. Downline members of an agent must be genuine players. If the members do not play or show any suspicious behavior, the Tp-play website can cancel their rewards.
  3. Active downlines refer to the downline members, who have done at least three deposits. Before claiming the bonus, contact your Upline/agent to check your active downline status.
  4. Tp-play online lottery platform will calculate the number of active downlines based on the number of active members you invite in 1 week and 1 month for Weekly Gold and Monthly Gold events.
  5. If the active downline percentage making deposits 3 times exceeds 20% of the total active downline, the website will review your downline status without any time limit.
  6. Once rewards are added to the Tp-play account, agents must withdraw them and purchase the Gold. If an agent fails to buy the Gold, he can no longer take part in the Tp-play Gold Event.
  7. Every member joining under the referral code should possess unique details. No active member should possess the same details. These include email address, IP address, bank details, and phone number.
  8. Every activity is intended for active and genuine website members. If the Tp-play administration detects that a member is involved in fraudulent activity, it will cancel his bonus/reward or freeze his account. 


Therefore, Tp-play members and agents get plenty of opportunities to win many lucrative gold prizes both weekly and monthly according to their activity levels on the website. What would be more engaging and exciting than adding extra money to continue to be the online lottery platform?

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