Why Tp-play Game is Now Popular in India

Whenever an online lottery or casino game lover looks for gambling sites, they often find the ones that mandate a small deposit amount and offer diverse bonus options. Other criteria include the safety and security of player’s deposits/withdraws, fair terms and conditions, and many more. Luckily, Tp-play Game meets every criterion required for modern online lottery, number, and casino game lovers. Here, we have shared a few bonuses offers and other key features to make Tp-play Game now popular in India.     

Why Tp-play Game is Now Popular in India

Bonuses to Make Tp-Play Game Popular in India

Welcome Bonus

Unlike other online lottery and gaming websites that offer only a one-time Welcome Bonus, Tp-play Game lets you get a bonus for your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd deposits. The deposit and the bonus amount will vary based on the images we have shared here. However, the key aspects of the Tp-Play Welcome Bonus are-

  • The first deposit must be Rs 100 to receive a bonus of Rs 29. The maximum amount for the first deposit will be Rs 1,00,000 which will give a bonus of Rs 8,999.  
  • The minimum amount for your second deposit should be Rs 200 and it offers a bonus amount worth Rs 59. In contrast, the maximum second deposit amount is Rs 1,00,000 and the corresponding bonus is Rs 6,999.
  • The third deposit’s minimum amount will be Rs 300 and the bonus against it is Rs 39. On the other hand, the maximum third deposit amount is also Rs 1,00,000 which gives a bonus of Rs 5,999.

Win Streak Bonus

Do you want to win money by participating in only a 1-minute game? Try your luck in any of the 5D games or the Wingo game. The best thing is that the 1-minute 5D game and Wingo game let you earn Win Streak Bonus. However, the number of Win Streak and the bonus amount associated with the Win Streak Bonus of Tp-play depend on your placed bets as follows-

For a Minimum Bet of Rs 100

Players, who place a minimum bet of Rs 100 in Wingo Game and secure 3 Win Streak will get a bonus of Rs 30. In contrast, by securing a maximum of 30 Win Streaks, you will receive Rs 50,000 as a bonus. Other bonus amounts and the Win Streak are highlighted in the figure.

For a Bet Between Rs 10 and Rs 99

If you do not want to spend more money on lottery games, place any bet between Rs 10 and Rs 99 in a Wingo Game. However, in this case, you need to secure a minimum of 5 Win Streaks to receive the bonus of Rs 20. Also, the maximum Win Streak Bonus for the highest 30 Win Streak will be Rs 5,000.  

20% Special Gift Code in Tp-play Slots 

For a long time, online slots have remained popular gambling variants in reputed online casino and lottery gaming websites. Players not only love enticing slot themes but also get attracted easily to the available free spin bonus. Here also, the Tp-play gaming site has won the hearts of game lovers with outstanding free spin bonuses.  

Accordingly, a slot participant may get an excellent opportunity to win an additional bonus that equals 20% of his total winnings secured on Tp-play slots free spins. Only, you need to secure a minimum winning amount of Rs 1,000 to receive the maximum bonus worth Rs 20,000 rated at 20%.

Weekly Deposit Bonus

As the name implies, the weekly deposit bonus lets you receive a bonus from Tp-play online every Monday. The bonus amount in this case depends solely on your total deposit for the week. For instance, players who deposit Rs 1000 for the week will receive a bonus amount of Rs 100 on the following Monday. The bonus amount will increase gradually to become Rs. 48,888 for a weekly deposit of Rs 20,00,000.

Daily Rescue Bonus

Are you looking for ways to win back your lost money in the lottery, mini-games, or slots? Try the Daily Rescue Bonus offered by the Tp-play website. Thus, you will get a second chance to win back your money. However, you must make a minimum total deposit of Rs 1000 in a day to secure a 10% Daily Rescue Bonus.

Attendance Bonus

Tp-play online players may even get the opportunity to receive an Attendance Bonus up to Rs 788 with consecutive deposits daily. The minimum accumulated deposit should be Rs 300 so that you receive the Attendance Bonus worth Rs 5.

Active Downline Bonus

The Tp-play website calculates your Active Downline Bonus based on the number of active downlines a player has. Players with a minimum of 3 active downlines will receive a reward of Rs 500 while 3000 real-time downlines offer a bonus worth Rs 3,00,000.

Aviator Games

None of the online game lovers will afford to miss the Aviator Games organized by online gambling sites. However, the thrills associated with Aviator gameplay increased significantly when you opted to play in Tp-play online.  

Here, players can get a lucrative bonus by placing bets of at least Rs 100 on diverse multipliers. At the minimum, you need to choose a cash out at 15-multiplier to receive the bonus of Rs 500. The maximum bonus from an Aviator game will be Rs 5,500 and it will be available for those who select 150 multiplier cashout.

Other Features to Make Tp-play Online Reliable for Indians

Security at the Top Priority

The tp-play online site always adopts advanced encryption techniques to safeguard your financial data. It also has robust measures to avoid unauthorized access and fraudulent activities.

Payment Options

Tp-play online gives support to diverse payment methods, like debit or credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets.


Tp-play is the most reliable and popular online lottery and casino gaming site in India. Regardless of your purpose to enjoy games, experience the thrills of Aviator, win free spins followed by massive bonuses, and simply earn extra money, Tp-play has everything as per your desires.

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