How to Complain for TPPlay Withdrawal Issue

For a long time, color prediction games have remained popular among online game lovers. Especially, many players across the world love to play a variety of number, color prediction, and lottery games at the Tp-play online site. However, a few players have also experienced a common problem associated with the withdrawal of their winning amounts. If you are the one who has recently faced a Tp-play Withdrawal Issue, you should contact the website’s Customer Care Help immediately.

TPPlay Withdrawal Issue

Steps to Complain Tp-play Withdrawal Issue to the Customer Care

  • Click the icon Customer Services available on Tp-play online
  • Redirect yourself to Live Chat and then to Self-Service Customer Service
  • Get an online form to submit your problem with the respective document screenshots and the necessary details
  • Explore the list of Issues highlighted in the online form
  • Select Withdrawal Issue
  • Once you select the problem, you need to enter details about your Tp-play login ID, withdrawal order number, and withdrawal amount
  • In the last step, click Submit to submit your Tp-play Withdrawal Issue.

Check the Status of Withdrawal Issue

Other than submitting the complaint Tp-play website lets you check the status of your issue (whether it is resolved or not). For this, you need to select Check My Withdrawal from the Tp-play official website.

Withdrawal Record Statuses Displayed by Tp-play Website

The Tp-play website will show three different statuses in its Withdrawal Record-


In this situation, users need to have patience, as every payment requires to submit to your bank for further processing. Such a status indicates that the withdrawal amount has already been submitted to your bank for further processing. Now, if your payment status does not update for a maximum of 3 hours, it remains on processing at your bank. Accordingly, you must wait until your bank provides the result.


Withdrawal successful status indicates that your submitted payment has already been transferred to your bank account. However, you are experiencing a delay in its arrival because of certain bank payment reasons. Here, you must wait for 24 hours after your withdrawal status changes to successful processing. Once 24 hours are completed, you may contact the Tp-play customer service and file a Deposit Issue.  


Rejected status displays when your money withdrawal on the Tp-play website fails. We recommend you check the note or remark highlighting the reason for your withdrawal rejection. Once you find the reason, take steps to resolve it.


Tp-play Withdrawal issues may sometimes create panic among online game lovers. However, we recommend you stay calm and follow the easy steps to complain about your Withdrawal Issue. On the other hand, customer support experts address the problem promptly to provide you with a reliable and smooth withdrawal process.

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