TP-play Deposit Issue-What to Do

Whenever you participate in a Tp-play color prediction game, you need to deposit a minimum amount (Rs 100) in most cases to start your gameplay. Alternatively, you need to deposit your withdrawal winning amount to your registered bank account.

TP-play Deposit Issue-What to Do

Both are the basic steps to start and continue with your gameplay. However, players may deal with either of the deposit issues while playing number or color games. Here comes the role of customer care help available at TP-play’s official website.

How to Visit Customer Care Help

You will get the icon displaying Customer Care right on the login or registration page of the Tp-play website. Click on it to open the Live Chat followed by Self-Service Customer Service. Once you visit the section ‘Self-Service Customer Service’ you will get an online form to submit your issues with the relevant details and document screenshots.

Steps to Submit the Deposit Issue

You have already got the online form under ‘Self-Service Customer Service’ on your Android screen. Now, follow the below steps-

  1. Explore the Issue List to select Deposit Not Received
  2. On doing so, the form will ask you to enter a few additional details as follows-
  3. Your login ID or Tp-play ID account
  4. UTR number
  5. UPI ID of your registered bank/receiver and
  6. The amount you want in your deposit section
  7. Now, attach the deposit proof document in the respective section
  8. Finally, click on the Submit button to submit your Tp-play Deposit Issue

The customer support team will check your issue and resolve it shortly. Furthermore, the Tp-play website has its Check Status section. Choose the Deposit Issue and enter your account ID to track the status of your problem.


TP-play color prediction website may sometimes show Deposit Issues and other related problems due to a few technical glitches. Hence, whenever you face any issue, approach Customer Care Help to submit the online form displayed on the Tp-play website.

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