How To Get Agent Work in TP Play Lottery Online?

MLM or online gambling agents working with Tp-play lottery get excellent opportunities to earn money daily based on the website’s daily salary system. The best thing is that the salary depends on the number of depositors and active bettors in an online agent’s network. However, the question is how one can get the work of an agent in the Tp-play lottery. For this, we have shared a few dos and don’ts to get the agent job on the Tp-play website.

Agent Work in TP Play Lottery

Dos to Get the Work of Agent in Tp-play Lottery

  1. Approach the People You Know

The fundamental step associated with working as a Tp-play online agent is to reach out to the people you already know. For this, you must inform about the online lottery site and the app to your family members and friends.

Luckily, the website lets you provide an 11-digit invitation code attached to the TP-play’s invitation link to invite other people. The first step involves getting comfortable while using your invitation code and sharing the lottery-related information.

  • Increase Your Network

In the second step, you should think about exploring your network. For this, we suggest you use social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram to connect with other people. Besides, you may become part of Tp-play’s Telegram channel to get more depositors and players. If possible, you should dedicate some time to creating appealing posts and sharing promotions or bonuses offered by Tp-play lottery online variants to approach a wide audience.

  • Assist Others to Be Lottery Agents Online

You must focus on assisting fellow people to work as online lottery agents and increase your earnings potentially. By doing so, your earnings will increase and you also get a chance to work as a higher-level agent. For instance, if you get 2 to 3 ground-level agents, you will serve as a second-level agent in Tp-play. Now, you will receive your earnings as a level-2 agent. The cycle will continue further depending on the highest level of lottery agents working for Tp-play online.

  • Put Efforts to Create Your Team

Like motivating others to be Tp-play lottery agents, you should put effort into creating your team. Teach other people to be agents and work together to increase your success. Participating in a team lets you to a greater number of bettors/depositors followed by a drastic increase in your income. Accordingly, Tp-play lottery agents with 1000 bettors or depositors will receive a maximum of Rs 50,000 as their daily salary.

Don’ts to Avoid Getting Banned as a Tp-play Gambling Agent

Every MLM agent who wants to work for Tp-play online must avoid the following to prevent themselves from getting banned from it- 

  • Every agent must have active players and they must place at least Rs 500 as the minimum bet.
  • Agents should strictly avoid adding any fake member as if Tp-play online administrators detect it, it will cancel the rights as an agent immediately.
  • No two members joining under your referral code should possess the same details, which are email address, IP address, contact number, UPI, and bank details. Otherwise, Tp-play lottery online will ban your license as a lottery agent.
  • Never be a bonus hunter or looter on the Tp-play lottery website. By doing so, you will end up banned directly.


The path to work as a Tp-play lottery agent involves a pleasant experience. Always take the necessary steps to increase the number of active players/depositors and other agents. Also, stick to the Tp-play’s terms and conditions to avoid fraudulent activities and stay safe from being banned from the Tp-play website.

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