How To Bet on Tp-Play Lottery App

Online lotteries are a simple form of betting that allows players to dedicate only a few bucks to win real money and a massive jackpot. Many players love to enjoy the lottery at Tp-play’s official website. If you want to get enjoyment from Tp-play online, learn the steps to place your bets on the Tp-play website.

How To Bet on Tp-Play Lottery App?

Steps to Place Your Bets on Tp-play Lottery App

Visit the Official Website

To start, visit the official website of the Tp-play lottery online on your PC. Alternatively, open the Tp-play lottery mobile app on your phone device.

Login to the Website/App

Enter your Tp-play account ID and password to login to the Tp-play website/app.

Deposit Money

Deposit a minimum amount of money to place your bet on the Tp-play lottery game. The minimum deposit amount for the Tp-play website is Rs 100 for Indian players. However, you may use diverse mediums to deposit your money to the Tp-play Wallet.

Select the Game

Now, you may choose any game from online lotteries, including Win Go, K3, 5D, and Trx Win.

Place Bets Legally

Regardless of the type of lottery game you choose, you must bet legally as follows-

Bets on Numbers

Players may place their bets on any number starting from 0 to 9.

Bets on Categories

Win Go and other lottery games have two different categories to bet, which are Big Numbers and Small Numbers. Here, ‘Big’ numbers start from 5 and end at 9 while ‘Small’ numbers are from 0 to 4.

Bets on Colors

Online lottery players may place their bets on anyone from red, violet, and green colors at one time.  

Multiple Bets

Lottery games available at Tp-play online/app also allow players to place multiple bets, like numbers and colors simultaneously. However, make sure to read the instructions before choosing two or more than two bets simultaneously.

Avoid Illegal Bets

Go through the following rules for placing bets to avoid any type of illegal betting-

  • Strictly avoid betting on multiple numbers simultaneously.
  • Never place your bets on the ‘Big’ and ‘Small’ categories together.
  • Avoid placing your bets on ‘Red’ and ‘Green’ colors in a single game. However, you can bet on Red and Violet or Green and Violet together.


Tp-play lottery app or Tp-play online site serves as the best source of entertainment for Indian players. Thanks to its wide range of lottery variants and opportunities to win jackpots and bonuses. Follow the steps to place bets and strictly avoid illegal bets to make the most of Tp-play online and gain an ultimate lottery gaming experience.

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