How To Register in TP-Play Lottery

Whether it is about predicting big or small numbers, even or odd numbers, and red or green colors, lottery games give lots of fun and entertainment to online game lovers. However, you cannot participate in a lottery game instantly. Instead, you need to look for a reliable gambling platform and register yourself to start the gameplay of your choice. Here, we have shared the steps for registering and logging into TP-Play Lottery online.

How To Register in TP-Play Lottery

Preliminary Step

You will receive an invitation link with the 11-digit invitation from an existing TP-Play Lottery user/player from social media platforms. The main role of the invitation code is to register to the website and to claim your Sign-Up Bonus. Moreover, the person who refers you to the lottery website will get the Referral Bonus by using the same invitation code.   

Steps to Register in TP-Play Lottery Game

  • Copy the link containing the invitation code or click on the link to visit the official website of TP-Play Lottery.
  • Click Register to get the online registration form on the website.
  • Use your 10-digit mobile number to register your account with TP-Play Lottery online.
  • Also, keep a strong password comprised of a minimum of 6 digits and a combination of a few letters.
  • The website will send you a verification code to the registered mobile number. You must enter it in the Verification Code section.
  • Enter the received invitation code invitation code to the respective section.
  • Click on Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the website.

Once you complete the steps, you will get a website view of the TP-Play Lottery login page.

Download and Installation of TP-Play Lottery for Gameplay

Creating your account followed by logging into the website will make you a registered user. However, to start your gameplay, you need to download the TP-Play Lottery app in APK file format on your Android device. However, the download and installation parts are easy, as users should follow a few on-screen instructions.

Once you are done with the entries in the respective section, TP-Play Lottery will redirect you to its Install option. Here, click Install to participate in several thrilling lottery, number, and Aviator games and achieve massive winnings.  

TP-Play Lottery APK Size and Device Requirements

The latest version of the TP-Play Lottery APK file is 5.02 MB. Accordingly, mobile phone users must use the latest version of Android. Besides, you may get a notification for the user’s permission to download the app. Do not panic with such a notification. Instead, adjust your phone Settings to install the app easily.  


TP-Play Lottery app offers many innovative features to secure winnings from color prediction games. Be familiar with the registration and login steps to try your luck in your favorite lottery, number, or Aviator gameplays.

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